Here we are! Just arrived in California! Landed in Oakland after a long and apprehensive flight.

Landed from Rome without troubles, at the Stockolm airport we have almost denied boarding; an agent told us that our exit ticket was not valid, we had a flight ticket to Mexico but for him it was not enough, we needed a return ticket to Europe! Searched and made us wait with other people considered disreputable from the boarding officier, after a series of checks and phone calls in Norwegian they made us get on board.

We feared, however, that it was all lost, that once landed in America we would be sented back, so the trip to the United States was entertained by the constant presence of a “dear” friend: anxiety!

Once in Oakland instead everything was more simple than expected, we were welcomed with big smiles, showing us less concern than the Scandinavians about an eventual secrecy.

Evidently Europe begins to worry about the increasing number of young people who will create a future elsewhere.

Now we are breathing the San Francisco bay breeze and the USA with all their economic and social differences.