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How many roads have passed under the tires of El Grillo! Our 33 feet bus transformed into a home and photo studio. In three years we have travelled Mexico from north to south and back.

We’ve visited many realities that symbolize the enormous diversity of the country. After a long stay in the amazing Tijuana, where we focused on the migrant communities, we headed south where we admired the first example of all-round diversity: the Com Caac culture of the Sonora coast, a real nation with their own laws, costumes, traditions and language.

Further south we found the Mayos and the Yaquis, we accompanied them in their rituals in which they disguise themselves as deer or coyotes and imitate their movements.

And so on to the south El Grillo has led us to explore other diversities that represent real oases in this globalized world.

We spent days and days waiting to get the right confidence with the people, then we show off our handmade Large Format Camera and take some pictures. Wonderful moments were born, in which from children to elders everyone studied this singular instrument, they followed us in the dark room and enjoyed watching themselves upside down.


The people who posed in front of the camera remained still for about twenty seconds. We asked them to focus on their people, their fight and their future. At the end the wet collodion plate was immediately ready, a silver print on glass, a unique “Ambrotype”


In three years we collected a lot of Ambrotypes, as well as digital photographic material and texts, including interviews, reports and travel stories lived in the company of many other travellers who have lived El Grillo.


Since the beginning of the journey we had the idea to make a book, and finally here it is: El Grillobook!

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Now we need your support to print it, the support of those who followed us during the journey and those who have just met us and are interested in our stories, in what means to live in a bus and share everything with the beautiful Mexican people.

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